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About Us

NTC Language Services is a translation and interpretation service provider that creates opportunities and delivers resources across diverse populations.  NTC is short for Nuestro Terreno Comun. Simply translated this phrase means,

“our common ground.” 

Our mission is to empower our clientele to find common ground through language services to create a world without limits.

We execute this mission through compassion and dedication, one word at a time.

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NTC Language Services

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Our Services

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

NTC reflects the cultural needs of the clients that we serve, both linguistically and contextually.  Our services evolve as the world does to include in-person, remote and technological solutions to meet the needs of the diverse community that we serve.  

How NTC Works
How NTC Works

Project Management

Our project managers carefully select linguists for each specific project based on their background, expertise and language. Upon assignment the project manager develops a timeline for the linguist including checkpoints for client contact, communications, formatting and quality control review to ensure that all work is completed to reflect the needs of the individual client.

Professional Linguists

Our services are delivered by native linguists who reflect professional experiences in a variety of different industries, brining content specific vocabulary and context to every project. Each project is delivered to the highest of standards with the help of these native professionals, who are our most valuable asset. We strive to work with linguists that share our vision, values, and drive. As part of our highly rigorous recruitment process, we select the most qualified individuals for each assignment based on our clients’ requirements.

Standards of Practice

Our team follows the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services Code of Ethics, which outlines the roles, responsibilities and standards for professional linguists.  This includes the industry standards for accuracy, completeness, confidentiality, impartiality, accountability and professional development and their importance in the language service industry.  

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