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Our Team

Our services are delivered by native linguists who reflect professional experiences in a variety of different industries, bringing content specific vocabulary and context to every project. Each member of the NTC team is provided with training materials regarding the industry standard for the code of ethics as well as methods for in person and remote service delivery to make sure that the integrity of the mission of NTC Language Services is reflected in every document, phone call, meeting and conference.   

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Stephanie MacIntosh


Co-founder of NTC, has 15 years of experience supervising Translation and Multilingual Outreach activities in the educational field. Her role's have including recruiting quality personnel, training staff, and providing direct services to speakers of over thirty different languages.  Stephanie's passion is connecting with her community and empowering the clientele that she serves.  

Alex J. Tovar

Vice President

Co-founder of NTC has spent nearly seven years working with the local community by providing translation and interpretation services in legal, medical, educational and social settings. Prior to NTC, Alex was the Community Liaison for a school district, where he created and delivered numerous bilingual parent workshops. Alex truly connects with the heart-beating people that he tries to help and communicate his understanding back to them. 

Join Our Team

As a service provider, we earn respect and trust from our clients through excellence. To offer great service we need a team of great people. 

Each project is delivered to the highest of standards with the help of these skillful professionals, who are our most valuable asset.


We strive to work with linguists that share our vision, values, and drive. As part of our highly rigorous recruitment process, we select the most qualified for each assignment based on our clients’ requirements, so you will always work on projects that fit your profile. 

If you are enthusiastic and passionate as well, please fill out the form below.

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"My name is YunTing Tseng-Montana. Being an interpreter for NTC, I have the pleasure of bridging that gap between parents, students, and teachers. Through interpretation, I am able to help the teachers clarify what information they need to convey to both parents and students. More than that, I can help the parents to fully understand what is going on with their children in school. I love that even though I am no longer a teacher, but I can still contribute to helping students grow and prosper, as well as get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment every time when I have a chance to help a student excel."

—  YunTing Tseng-Montana, Mandarin Interpreter

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