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Why Choose Us?

NTC Language Services was founded in 2018 to serve the needs of our local community, providing language experts to assist in communications with social services, educational and governmental agencies.  Since our creation, NTC has been awarded New York State WBE certification as well as several RFP’s and contracts allowing us to work with local businesses as well as State Agencies by facilitating language services as well as professional development on topics such as cultural awareness and language proficiency.  

Each project that we work on undergoes a process which includes supervision by a project manager who reviews the request, assigns the work to a language service provider with the proper content knowledge and then reviews the product, editing and formatting. Our team ensures that the final product meets the needs of the client within the requested timeline for the project.  Our supervisory staff are members of the American Translator’s Association and are required to attend local and national conferences regarding current trends and tools in the field of language services as well as regular reviews of the national code of ethics.

As professional language service providers, our team facilitates communications reflecting the content and tone of the original message concisely and accurately, while removing any cultural barriers to understanding.

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Our Mission

The mission of NTC is to empower our clientele to find common ground through language services to create a world without limits. 

Did You Know?

There are as many as 800 languages spoken in New York City, 69.55% of New York State residents speak only English, while 30.45% speak other languages. The largest non-English language is Spanish, which is spoken by 15.03% of the population. 


In order to reach the optimum numbers of clientele for your organization, it is best to make sure that your message is being fully understood and expressed to as large of a population as possible .  


Let us help you to optimize your customer base. 

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